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More CD/email CAD info...

£75.00 - Inc UK Postage - CD/DVD Rom

On this CD/DVD you will find AutoCAD architectural drawings all drawn by G W Architectural Design. They where saved in dwg 2004 format for easy cross year use. These include full drawings Domestic extensions, conversions, New Builds & small Commercial units, as well as many more drawings & files not mentioned here.

Also on the CD is a dwg file containing all the dynamic blocks created for our own use as well as regular everyday detail drawings. The Dynamic blocks alone will save you a huge amount of time in draughting, even on the smallest of projects. They cover all items from below ground level to the roof ridge.

Please click on the You Tube link to see the Dynamic blocks in action. They are all supplied in one dwg file. Simply copy & paste each dynamic block into your tool palette for instant use (Tool palette not available if you are using a Mac). There is a lot more on the CD than is shown in the You Tube Videos. Most of them have also been updated.

As well as the Dynamic block there are 100's of regular & reference blocks, AutoCAD templates with layers already setup. The CD runs from Auto play and is menu driven. You can install, explore all contents, and view PDF ref files directly from the CD.
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£50.00 - Sent via e-mail
(reduced content from CD/DVD)

I will email you a single dwg file approx 10Mb in size (same one as on the CD/DVD)

This dwg file contains all dynamic blocks and everyday details most commonly used as well as hatch patterns, line types, layers, Dim styles etc etc.


All transactions are now done via cheque or bank transfer “transfer preferred”.

Simply email us your personal details and I will raise an invoice and email it back to you.